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Whatsapp 2.16.386 APK Beta version available for Android Devices

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Whatsapp 2.16.386 APK: Whatsapp is making simpler than earlier, It is providing the unique features for its users who looking forward towards the messaging app market, Whatsapp made APK file available in the Play Store to meet the wide range of demand. Developers of Whatsapp are working on it to bring more and more high-end features. As everyone knew that this app is available on both iOS and Android Platforms, It is fully loaded handful of features all the time, Most of the users go for text messaging rather going for calls, So Whatsapp presenting the Whatsapp Chat for them as well as it also dragged its venture towards improving the communication of Whatsapp. Best move made by Whatsapp is adding the features of  Voice Calling and Video Calling.

Whatsapp 2.16.386 APK Beta version available for Android Devices


Whatsapp 2.16.386 APK Beta version available for Android Devices

Whatsapp will always release a new Whatsapp Beta Version APK and allows the users to work on it, So this will help the developers and testers of the team to work on its original version after fixing the bugs that are raised on its Beta version, so most of the people across the globe will be searching for downloading the Whatsapp Beta version in order to know the next updates of the Whatsapp new version. If you are among those who are eagerly looking for the new features of Whatsapp. Yes! This is for you go with Whatsapp  2.16.386 APK and reduce your heat.

What’s New in this Whatsapp 2.16.386 Beta version is Video Streaming Feature for all the android users? To use all these features one should deal with an Android version of 4.1 Plus. If you have Whatsapp on your mobile now you can go for using this newly released Beta version, This is a new feature added by the Whatsapp team. If you are facing any issues in meeting the demand of the Whatsapp BETA version, Bring your comments down in the mentioned box, So that we will reach you and clear the issue.

With this newWhatsApp 2.16.386 BETA, one can easily directly install the Android Tester App from the Play store and start testing the Whatsapp BETA Version apk.  Whatsapp is the most popular mobile messaging platform that strikes our mind when we are planning to send any pictures, messages, documents or any GIF’s to your friends or family members. Also one can go with handy Whatsapp Voice Call as well as Whatsapp Video calls.

Always it is good to know about the latest version or releases of Whatsapp version on different platforms like Android, iOS, Windows Phone and Windows 10 Mobile. Most of the new Beta versions will suggest the developers what the new modifications need to brought and fix the bugs as well to provide the users with malware free APK.

Earlier one more rumor raised, WhatsApp is rolling out its features frequently, Now it added Two-Step verifications feature for the Android beta users. This instant messaging platform now added authentication method which adds extra security to your Whatsapp account. What is this 2-Step Verification? It is like what you made it for Gmail login, here you need to enter the six-digit passcode when you are going to access your account on the different device.

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