China, Nepal to hold first ever joint military drill in 2017

By anu kusuma | News

China, Nepal to hold first ever joint military drill: Nepal and China are all set to hold their first ever joint military exercise early 2017.Chinese Defence Ministry Spokesperson Yang Yujun has recently concluded that China and Nepal had been in “initial communication” on the military exercise, and all the latest news about the joint military exercise will be disclosed by the Officials in due course of time. Though Nepal has been conducting military exercises with other countries, including India and the United States, and for the first time, Nepali military is decided to patch up with the China Military and decided to hold joint military exercise.

China, Nepal to hold first ever joint military drill in 2017

With accordance to the Reports from the Officials, the military drill will be conducted in the Month of February next year, and the main motto of this theme is to focus on training Nepali soldiers in trading with hostage scenarios concerning international terror groups, My Republica reported.

China, Nepal to hold first ever joint military drill in 2017

With the aid of this joint military exercise, a new ray of hope is rising to enhance and to develop Chinese Military Force,  China’s growing interest in the Himalayan republic since the deterioration of relations between Nepal and India due to the border blockade last year, the daily said.

The Kathmandu Post and the state-owned People’s Daily of China echoed the Chinese Ministry of National Defence (MOD), confirming that the drill to be held in the Year 2017.This Official Declaration made by the MOD Spokesperson Senior Colonel Yang Yujun.

 Nepal, China to Conduct first ever joint military drill in Upcoming Year

Senior Colonel Yang, however, did not disclose exact date of the first joint exercise between the defence forces of the two countries and pleased for more latest details you need to wait for some more time.

The most interesting aspect of the military drill codenamed “Pratikar-1” that it will focus more on training Nepali soldiers in dealing with hostage scenarios involving international terror groups. (ANI).