Super Mario Run Apk : Download Latest Version For Android & iOS

By Chenna | Technology

Super mario run apk : Super Mario Run brings back childhood memories for many of us. Super Mario was one of the most successful games for PC at its time. Now with Super Mario Run we can relive the nostalgia and enjoy this game on our mobile devices. The game is currently available for download on the

Super Mario run is a side runner game in which Mario runs automatically. The game can be played single handed and Mario depends on your taps to perform a variety of jumps. Based on how you time your jumps, Mario will behave in different ways. You need to time the jumps correctly, collect coins and reach the goal.

Download Super Mario Run Apk For Android

Game Modes

Super Mario Run comes with various game modes-

World Tour

This is the most basic game and most like the old Super Mario. In this mode you have to rescue Princess Peach and defeat Bowser.

It consists of 6 worlds with 24 courses.

Road Rally

This mode is completely online and you require Rally Tickets to be able to play this mode. Scoring depends on your moves. You can challenge your friends and people from any part of the world to compete against you. The better you run and the more stylish your gameplay, the better your score. While collecting coins, you must be the most  stylish to win.

Build Your Kingdom

In this game mode you can use the coins and toads that you gather by playing the game to build your kingdom. With over 100 different items available, your kingdom with all the decorations can be truly unique.


Certain features of the game include

  • Well-designed animations.
  • Lots of gameplay options.
  • Easy to play with one hand and easy to learn with a tap to jump and hold to jump higher function.
  • Play as multiple characters like Mario, Luigi, and Peach.
  • Immense nostalgia.
  • Multiplayer connect option.

Super Mario Run is free to download but only a portion of the game is free to play. To be able to play the full game you will have to purchase the game which is available as an in-app purchase.

This game requires an internet connection to be able to connect you with other players and will use up your mobile internet and may cost you data charges.

How to install Super Mario Run apk

Super Mario Run for android will launch in March of 2017. The game will be free to download from the play store and the instructions are given below-

  • Open ‘Play Store’ on your mobile from clicking the icon in the app tray or home screen.
  • You may need to login to your Google account. Fill in the details and sign in.
  • Now click the search bar at the top of the screen and search for ‘Super Mario Run’.
  • From the list that opens up, select the app which is from the developer ‘Nintendo Co. Ltd.’
  • Click Install and wait for the game to download and install.
  • Now run the game by clicking the ‘Super Mario Run’ icon on your home screen.

The game is currently only available for iOS and will be available for Android in this month. Unfortunately, till the original application releases on the play store, there is no way to run the game on android.

For now, you can head over to the Play Store, go to the ‘Super Mario Run’ app page and register yourself to receive the game as soon as it is available. You may find certain applications claiming to run iOS apps in an emulator but none of those apps really work and it would be best if you just waited for the original developers to launch the app for android.

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