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PPSSPP Gold APK Download | PSP Emulator Download Latest Version

PPSSPP (Play station Portable Stimulator Suitable for Playing Portably) was created by Henrik Rydgard in November 2012 under GPL 2.0. And there were some contributors who coded for the PPSSPP apk file. The languages used for coding this stimulator are C & C++. PPSSPP gold apk is a PSP (PlayStation portable) emulator or video game console emulator, which converts the PSP games to android, windows, ios and blackberry10 version.  It is the latest and good PSP emulator for android devices. And it is the fastest emulator compared with other PSP emulators.


The main features of this PSP emulator are that it helps to run a lot of PSP games depending upon the power of the device, provides to play in High Definition with enhanced graphics and costumed filters. And it will have a turbo button for RPG (Role play games) which is slow to play. But it cannot be played speed through the android device, but all games will work. It helps to save or load the game at any time to resume the game and can transfer the game to PSP and can continue the game. Galaxy s7 is not currently supporting this app. downloading sizes of the emulator are available in different sizes like 16.1mb for windows 32-bit, 17.8mb for windows 64-bit, 18.0mb for android, 10.0mb for blackberry 10 .but it doesn’t provide the ROM games. It is available in 38 different languages for making users connect with the emulator easily without any problems. This emulator is available in two versions which are provided by Google play store as it is an apk file:  a completely free version which reinforces the ads and other one is gold which eliminates ads which are of size 25.50mb with the latest version of 1.4-2-65 with the cost of 349rs in India.

How to download?

  •    Firstly in the device, we have to go to settings menu and after that, in application settings, we have to select “Unknown sources” option. This will allow the apk file to download easily in the device.
  •    After that click on the link provided on the site to download the PPSSPP gold app.
  •    And then install the app and continue to proceed.
  •    If you want to play any game, search for its.ISO files on the web.
  •    Now launch the gold apk file and locate the ISO file under the “games “option.
  •    If we see the game module showing the game icon relating to the game. It means that the game is compatible with the device.
  •    Now click on the game and play it.


Gold apk:

It is the premium version and exactly same as free version, but will eliminate ads in the emulator. For this emulator, the android device must be powerful. By buying this gold version, it provides support for the developers. And it will not include any game with application download. In this gold version, it will have:

  •    Good graphic saturation and audio quality.
  •    Faster than other PSP emulator.
  •    Saves the game fast.
  •    Turbo buttons for RPG s.
  •    Allows the developer (Henrik) to work more on it.
  •    Allows playing more interesting games with good manner.


Portable games:

  •    Persona 2
  •    Dragon ball z
  •    Little big planet
  •    Soul Calibur
  •    Grand theft auto
  •    Wipe out
  •    Burnout legends
  •    Burnout dominator
  •    Final fantasy: crisis core
  •    Final fantasy: type-0
  •    Tekken: dark resurrection and Tekken 6

And many more…..

Developed versions:

  •    Super PSP emulator: this emulator is developed by super game emulatorX and this is considered as the emulator which can run a huge amount of games with more speed. The latest edition is v1.6.0. And it will give the best graphic interface and good sound quality. The controlling system will be in the advanced stage of having a great experience while playing the game.  For its performance, the downloading of the users increased a lot which reached up to 6 million but if we want to play on the android device, the device should have the android version 4.0.
  •    Emulator for PSP cool 2017: this emulator is considered as the best ever invention by cool emulator lab X. It is famous for its easily controllable capacity. It can also be used for fast forwarding mode or for the smooth play mode. Network playing function is available in this emulator. And can stop the game at anytime and take screenshots which can be used to load the game with the screenshots taken. It can be used for changing the screen mode in landscape mode or portrait mode to carry out the gameplay.we can easily change the buttons in the interface of the game in the desired manner.
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